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PO Box 442
Portsmouth, NH 03802

  • Mary Thomas, Co-President
  • Dan Brown, Co-President
  • Martin Hanssmann, Treasurer
  • Kathleen Boduch, Secretary
Sub-Committee Chairs
  • Kyle Lachance, Membership
  • Mary Thomas, FHT Consultant
  • Dan Brown, House Histories Group
At Large
  • Robin Bettencourt
  • Esther Kennedy
  • Kate Cook
  • Joanne Wolfe
  • Rasa Stone

About Us

The Friends of the South End (FOSE) is a nonprofit corporation located in the South End of Portsmouth, NH. FOSE's mission is to foster a cooperative, neighborly spirit and to encourage the preservation of the South End's historic character. We disseminate information about important developments in the city and strive to enhance the quality of life in the neighborhood. Membership is open to others who share the goals of the organization. FOSE sponsors several events throughout the year, including the Fairy House Tour each fall.

"The proceeds from this long-standing collaborative community event benefit our local schools and participating nonprofit partners," according to FOSE co-president, Mary Thomas. "Since the Fairy House Tour began 20 years ago, FOSE has reinvested over $350,000 in these important South End organizations and in the Portsmouth community as a whole, which has really amplified the magic of this special, all-ages event."

Members and volunteers are welcome to join FOSE in its efforts. For more information or to become a member, please visit www.friendsofthesouthend.org.

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